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IQOS ILUMA Device Made for Heets Terea Sticks

Heets IQOS Abu Dhabi proudly presents the new addition to our revolutionary collection - the IQOS ILUMA. This state-of-the-art heated tobacco device redefines your tobacco experiences, setting a new standard with its iconic design and innovative technology.

The IQOS ILUMA offers the comfort of using two TEREA tobacco sticks consecutively, eliminating the need for constant cleaning, thanks to the SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™. Uniquely designed for the TEREA tobacco sticks, this device brings forth an advanced and clean tobacco experience.

Experience the taste of real tobacco, gently heated and not burned, with the IQOS ILUMA heated tobacco device. The revolutionary SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™ ensures a consistent tobacco experience by gently heating the real tobacco. The visible functionality of the Smartcore Induction technology in the easy-to-open ILUMA Holder, and an automatic vibration when inserting the tobacco stick, adds to convenience.

The iconic design of the IQOS ILUMA , available in five different colors, blends seamlessly with advanced technology. The kit includes the IQOS ILUMA Holder, an IQOS ILUMA Pocket Charger with an ergonomic design, IQOS USB charging cable, and IQOS USB power supply.

Designed for IQOS ILUMA, our TEREA tobacco sticks contain the highest quality tobacco. The IQOS ILUMA Holder, with a quick charge function, allows you to enjoy two TEREA sticks consecutively without cleaning. The Pocket Charger battery lasts for approximately 20 tobacco sticks, ensuring a lasting experience.

Now available at IQOS Heets Abu Dhabi, the IQOS ILUMA promises an elevated smoking experience, redefined with technology and sophistication. You can find this latest addition in our stores across Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, and UAE. We also offer free home delivery across these locations for your convenience. Step into the future of smoking with the IQOS ILUMA.


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