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IQOS LIL SOLID 2.0 (Stone Gray) Abu Dhabi

IQOS LIL SOLID 2.0 Stone Gray

Do you have a craving for a cigarette but don't want the hassle and health risks of smoking? IQOS LIL SOLID 2.0 Stone Gray is perfect for you! This tiny, pocket-sized gadget can be used to smoke 25 cigarettes on a full charge. Just hold it in your hands and start enjoying the smooth, rich taste of cigarettes once again. With its sleek design, this gadget is perfect for anyone who wants to quit smoking but doesn't want to give up the convenience or stylishness of smoking. Order your IQOS LIL SOLID 2.0 Stone Gray today and enjoy smoking like a true cigarette enthusiast!

IQOS LIL SOLID 2.0 Stone Gray: What's Included in It?

IQOS 3 Lil Solid 1 Nos
AC Power Adaptor 1 Nos
Type-C USB Cable 1 Nos
Cleaning Tool 1 Nos
Warranty One Year

IQOS LIL SOLID 2.0 Stone Gray: Specifications

Device type Tobacco heating system
Manufacturer KT&G
Weight 83g
Power Input USB Cable
Sessions 20
Device charging time Device
Heating temperature 350
Dimensions 107 x 30 x 21mm
Features Automatic Cleaning

IQOS LIL SOLID 2.0 Stone Gray: What's So Special About It?

The IQOS LIL SOLID 2.0 Stone Gray is the latest innovation in the world of electronic cigarettes! Powered by a rechargeable battery, this device allows you to enjoy all the benefits of tobacco without any harmful smoke. Unlike other e-cigarettes that use cartridges or disposable devices, IQOS LIL SOLID 2.0 Stone Gray uses a patented solid-state technology that allows for smooth, filtered nicotine without any dangerous ingredients. Simply twist and light up, and you're good to enjoy a satisfying vaping experience! So, what are you waiting for? Order your IQOS LIL SOLID 2.0 Stone Gray today and enjoy a healthier tomorrow!

IQOS LIL SOLID 2.0 Stone Gray: Cleaning Instructions

Always shut off the apparatus after each usage and let it cool before cleaning:

  • Grab the device cleaner and carefully snap open the side with the circle mark to access the cleaning wipe.
  • To use the cleaning brush, just open the side of the device cleaner that has the buffering mark.
  • Remove the cap from the gadget.
  • Spin the cleaning wiper within the apparatus to clean it.

IQOS LIL SOLID 2.0 Stone Gray: Charging Instructions

Use the USB chord and AC power converter to plug the Lil Solid 2.0 Stone Gray into an electrical outlet to charge it:

  • When connected to a power source, the Lil Solid 2.0 Stone Gray takes around 2 hours to fully charge.
  • While the gadget is charging, the status LED blinks.
  • The status LED turns off after the gadget has finished charging.

Who Should Buy IQOS LIL SOLID 2.0 Stone Gray?

When it comes to smoking cessation, the IQOS LIL SOLID 2.0 Stone Gray gadget is your perfect solution. It not only looks stylish but also uses cutting-edge technology to provide you with an excellent smoking cessation experience. This gadget, consisting of a nicotine inhaler and a rechargeable battery, aids in reducing the quantity of nicotine and tar you inhale. With its modern style and excellent smoking cessation technology, this gadget is the perfect choice for those who are looking for the best possible smoking cessation experience. Get your IQOS LIL SOLID 2.0 Stone Gray today!

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